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The Intuitive Entrepreneur Show, hosted by Maxx Angenetta Jones enlightened entrepreneurs, coaches, and influencers together to discuss cutting-edge topics from the world of relationships, culture, business, and spirituality.

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Maxx Angenetta Jones

Maxx’s life-long journey as a healer started in the world of nursing but doesn’t stop there. Accredited in Life & Relationship Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programing, Master Hypnotist, Accredited Psychic, Oracle, and Spiritual Healer; her experience and innate knowledge combine to help people explore and reveal their full potential.

To that end, she has helped create the  Life Coaching Today Magazine so that she could help coaches and entrepreneurs all over the world get the tools and resources they need to connect and serve their clients.

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Maxx is alway looking at ways to help people from her relationship colum in Life Coaching Today Magazine to her Individual and Group Coaching Sessions.


Maxx is a Certified Master Psychic and Intuitive Life Coach, with three decades of experience, ability and purpose behind me. We will work together to fully develop your gifts and how to use them to achieve your ambitions, your desires and your goals.

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This a private and safe chance for you to ask those questions that have consumed you, distracted you and caused you regret. To recharge your life with hope! This may come in many forms including NLP, Talk Therapy, and Hypnosis.

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An Intuitive is somewhat different. Our wisdom goes deeper than any sight. It allows for a much more complete understanding of a client; their past, present as well as their future.

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There is more to any relationship than physical attraction. There is true intimacy and that is not found overnight but clients can be guided and nurtured to this blessed state.

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